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Welcome to the Fan Portal for the Alien Shooter series of games!

A flimsy girl (as your character) holding an awesome gun shooting hundreds of alien beasts! Just what the doctor prescribed for the weekend!

Check out examples of Alien Shooter Action

Games in the series:

My Complimentary Fan Forum for the Alien Shooter Game Series

Game Developer's Website

Tips for when playing gets hard (applies to all games in the series):

  • In the early games, if you are low on health or bullets for the big guns, you can shoot at enemies thru closed doors. They will be stuck behind the door without the ability to chew you up, but you can slowly kill them. Switch to the infinite handgun, and try shooting at different points of the closed door. Usually, shooting high towards the top portion of the door is the sweet spot.
  • If you are low on bullets or health, you can slowly have the aliens shoot each other. The bigger enemies will shoot the smaller ones which are not equipped with weapons other than teeth and claws. You can do this from behind a closed door, behind a wall, or a corner. It is better to have the shooting aliens stand behind the smaller ones. To do that, do not approach the enemies too closely, or all of them will bundle up behind the door. NOTE: the aliens can shoot you thru the closed door! Do not stand too close!
  • If you get stuck, use the right mouse click and point around and click many times. The character may get unstuck and walk away from the problem area.
  • In the later games with weapon refill pickups, do not activate the pickup if your ammo is full, as you will waste the pickup. Switch to a gun which does not have full ammo, and walk over the pickup.