Best High-Power MOSFETs

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The following Logic Level Gate through-hole power MOSFETS are for hobbyists, technicians, amateurs, and the like. The purpose is to get it down to a low number, and not go insane with too many choices.

Starting on Digi-Key, the process used to arrive at this table was:

Product Index>Discrete Semiconductor Products> FETs - Single

FET Type: MOSFET N-Channel, MOS and P-Channel, MOS

FET Feature: Logic Level Gate

VDSS: 35-100V (Because of my power supply)

ID: 3.1-20A (Because of my power supply)

Mounting Type: Through Hole

Check "In Stock"

Package / Case Supplier as well as Device Package: TO-220 (all variants), TO-247

What results is a list only a page long. Download the list.