Alien Shooter: Vengeance Perks and Characters

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First, select a Perk:

AlienShooter; Vengeance - perks.png

I always choose the Observer Perk.

Here is a summary of Perks:

  • Self-Treatment - slowly regenerate health
  • Quick Learner: More XP points
  • Economist: Find more money
  • Vampire: drain health from enemies and add to yours
  • Hypnotist: you can turn one enemy from a bunch to attack the enemy
  • Night Vision: see in the dark (Useless: you can purchase night vision and flashlight anyways)
  • Boxer: If you run out of weapons, you can punch enemies (Useless)
  • Observer: A red arrow briefly appears on screen to show the location of secrets (most useful perk!)

You can now choose your character. I have only shown Female characters, because I want to play a fragile being who goes up against scary enemy with big teeth and claws. I usually choose Nina because she can carry weight, and is good at Health and Observing.

AlienShooter; Vengeance - Elena.png

AlienShooter; Vengeance - Jennifer.png

AlienShooter; Vengeance - Nina.png

AlienShooter; Vengeance - Sammy.png