Complementary transistors

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Unlike what impractical textbooks tell you, very few of certain transistor types are made.

Due to semiconductor chemistry and physics, P-type devices are somewhat slower than N-type transistors. Therefore, there is no such a thing as "perfect complementary" devices.

Depletion mode MOSFETs, in terms of purchase availability, do not really exist.

P-channel MOSFETs are hard to find for purchase.

For BJTs, complementary devices are widely available. For example, see my RadioShack Transistors Datasheets page.

For MOSFETs, there are very few complementary transistors.

I have made a table of all P-Channel MOSFETs with Logic Level Gate, in Through Hole packages. This will teach the viewer a good lesson: anything other than mainstream devices, and what is left are non-stock, high minimum quantity, and "call for price" devices.

P-Channel MOSFETs